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If you’re involved in a commercial truck wreck, your first priority will no doubt be caring for everyone close to you. Did you get injured? Do you need an emergency vehicle? Did you call emergency services? These types of questions will immediately follow an crash but, regrettably, they are only the beginning of many worries to come.

A Professional Trucking Accident Lawyer Will Advise You

18 Wheeler Accident cases tend to bring more challenging difficulties than West Houston automobile crash lawsuits, and these can differ in a variety of ways. 18 Wheeler Collisions can generally involve more consequential damages and injuries compared to the common car crash. Unfortunately, most trucking companies will attempt to minimize a victims’ suffering from the careless actions of their truckers. Countless personal injury attorneys tell you they understand how to deal with a trucking accident, however not many possess the knowledge and experience of attorney Joe Stephens. Our firm has effectively handled hundreds of trucking accident claims to a successful conclusion. Regardless of the type of truck you were injured by, be sure that you get the help you need from a winning big rig crash lawyer in West Houston to have the best chance of winning your lawsuit.

The faster you contact our experienced legal staff after a big rig collision, the quicker we can initiate working to defend your rights. Evidence tends to go missing quickly following a crash, particularly if neglectful parties are wanting to hide liability for the accident. In most situations, it is better to have us helping you to start investigating the case before any evidence is concealed.

Most people in this position will have quite a few concerns about pursuing their case, or even how to begin with it. Please be aware that we offer a TOTALLY FREE consultation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us right now at 281-623-1701, or use this website to send us a question or find out more information. There is NO charge for the premier knowledge and case assessment that our seasoned lawyers have to offer. If you decide to hire our firm, you pay us absolutely nothing up front, and you will pay positively nothing at all until we’ve won your case!

We Will Prove That The Trucking Company and Its Operator Were To Blame

Trucking companies hold commercial policies that shield the company and their driver against claims for personal injury or wrongful death. Insurance policies commonly include large liability coverage amounts, which is why virtually all insurance carriers work hard to win their cases. For this reason, most will attempt to pay as low as possible on the claim in order to protect their cash. For the best chance of obtaining the recovery you deserve, it’s often a wise idea to decide on a lawyer that’s experienced in handling these types of cases. You do not want an attorney training on the job handling your case.

When you work with Joe for a truck accident case, he will quickly procure the driver’s records and all servicing and employment documents, and send an accident reconstruction expert to examine the scene and the vehicles affected in the collision.

Typically, this will enable our group of specialists to collect all of the in depth information we need to help you on your case.

That is not all though, as Joe will take some time and learn more about your damages, if and how they can be taken care of, as well as the medical fees associated with both current and future treatment.

With all this taken care of, we’ll move on to establishing the level of compensation you are entitled to.

If we can’t get a settlement for you from the trucking company; our experts will bring the matter to court and help you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Receiving Compensation for Your Damages

In most cases, it can be challenging to keep up with paying expenses; both typical payments and those accrued by the accident. As you might have guessed, all these factors (particularly how the incident effects your life) can have an impact on the levels of compensation you’re entitled to. Our job is to research your suit, and ensure we address all facets in handling your case and getting you maximum settlement.

Some of the questions we possibly may ask potential clients about their accident may include:

  • Was any bodily harm or death caused by the incident?
  • How bad is the damage caused to your property?
  • Was law enforcement contacted and did you give them a statement?
  • Was the truck driver arrested, or did the authorities issue a ticket?
  • Did the wreck result in healthcare or insurance bills, which you now have to pay?
  • Do you still require ongoing medical care?
  • Have your injuries prevented you from working and receiving income?
  • Are you dealing with any residual side effects from the damages received?
  • Have you been suffering pain or disability?
  • Do you recall the events from just before the accident occurred?

In Texas, some of the lawful compensation for victims injured in these types of crashes include:

  • Reasonable and necessary medical expenses both existing and future
  • Past and ongoing physical pains and mental stress
  • Lost earning capacity both current and potential
  • Bodily impairment sustained from the collision
  • In certain events, punitive or exemplary compensation may apply
  • Wrongful death and survival compensation

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As a nationally recognized team with more than 30 years of experience, Joe Stephens is an experienced choices for those in need of a professional to handle their case. And, since we work on a contingency fee structure, you’ll only need to pay us for our world-class services if we win the case for you. Get in touch and let us start working on your case now! To begin, fill in the form on this page or phone us on 281-623-1701 for more information. We can’t wait to help you! Click Here for Directions to Our West Houston truck wreck Law Firm