Precinct 3 Bus Critically Injures Motorcyclist in Crash

As one of the best vehicle injury lawyer in Houston, I know how dangerous it can be when a large vehicle makes contact with a smaller vehicle- the impact is often fatal. On Saturday, a motorcyclist was critically injured in a collision with a Houston Precinct 3 city bus, but luckily the result was not fatal.

According to the Precinct 3 Constable Office, the bus was at a stop sign at about 12:30 a.m. at the intersection of Clay and Durban. The bus driver failed to see a motorcycle approaching, and pulled out in front of the driver, which caused the cyclist to crash into the side of the bus.

The male motorcycle driver, whose name has not yet been released, was taken to the nearby Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was in critical condition.

Despite the fact that the motorcycle crashed into the side of the bus, police have found the bus driver to be at fault, and will be ticketed for the offense. More often than not when two vehicles collide, the vehicle that crashes into the other is at fault. But in this case, the bus driver was at fault because he did not have the right of way.

At times of the day when traffic is light, late at night in this case, in an area that isn’t terribly populated with traffic, it is easy to lower your awareness and not stop completely at stop signs and intersections. But no matter the time of day, or how deserted an area you may be driving in, it is imperative to always pay attention to your surrounding and to traffic signs and signals. Taking those extra few seconds to be certain that no other vehicles are approaching before you proceed, can be a matter of life and death. Luckily in this case it was not, and the motorcyclist will likely make a full recovery, but taking an extra few moments to look around can also spare someone else pain and injury, and a police inquiry for you.

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