North Sam Houston Tollway in Houston Closed All Day After Fiery Car Crash

Houston automobile wreck injury attorneys know that closed traffic lanes can be frustrating to motorists, but also dangerous.  When traffic backup occurs as a result of closed lanes or diverted traffic, motorists who are not anticipating the change in their usual road, may not be anticipating the change and not have time to react to it—often causing accidents.

Fortunately, despite the fact that the North Sam Houston Tollway was closed most of the day due to an early morning crash, there were no other subsequent accidents.

All five westbound lanes of the North Same Houston Tollway were shut down for most of Friday, after a fiery crash that left two drivers dead. The accident occurred just after 2 a.m. at the Anoine exit. The driver of a Ford Expedition was stopped to pay a toll when an 18-wheeler came approached the vehicle from behind, hit a concrete barrier, went airborne and crashed into the Toll Plaza. The big-rig landed directly on top of the Expedition, and burst into flames. The driver of the Expedition was trapped inside, and both drivers were killed.

The Houston police department have not been able to make a positive identification for either driver, due to the extent of the fire damage. They are waiting for dental records to come back to be able to identify the drivers, and the names will be released after that. Authorities do not yet know what caused the driver of the truck to lose control and crash into the Toll Plaza. It is possible that the trucker fell asleep at the wheel—which is not uncommon for truck drivers, or had some sort of medical problem.

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