Negligent Mall Responsible for Death Verdict

The Quarry Market Mall was found to be a very dangerous place by a San Antonio jury in the shooting death of Luis Gutierrez. The mall had over 200 crimes in the mall or parking lot during the 2 years before, but deliberately chose limited security. Because of the Quarry’s decision, Gutierrez was gunned down during a robbery attempt in 2006 after leaving the movie theater with his pregnant wife. Houston attorney Joe Stephens took the case all the way to the Texas Supreme Court in pursuit of justice for the surviving widow and child of Luis Guterrez.

A jury found the Quarry Market Mall liable for the patron’s death. The Quarry Market Mall in San Antonio refused to provide adequate security even though there had been over 200 crime on premise for the preceding tow years. Fourteen of those crimes were violent including bank robbery, beatings, and gun hold ups. One evening, Mr. Gutierrez left the movie theater with his pregnant wife. A robber chased him trying to rob him, and then took his wallet, and shot him during the holdup. He died and his pregnant wife gave birth to a premature child. She sued accusing them of negligence for failing to provide adequate security in view of the prior dangerous criminal activity on premise. The jury returned a very large verdict for the widow and his child, finding that the mall failed to protect the patrons. Mr. Stephens fought the case all the way to the Texas Supreme Court in honor of the life of Luis Gutierrez.