MKT Railroad Museum

The historic Old Katy Railroad Depot, built in 1913, is now the home of the MKT Railroad Museum. It is located at 5615 1st St, Katy, TX 77493. Situated on a beautifully landscaped park in Katy, Texas, this historic depot features exhibits that highlight railroad history and activities as well as artifacts from many different eras. As a top rated Katy commercial truck crash lawyer, we love visiting this museum. The museum is open to the public daily except Tuesday. Check individual day attractions for specifics regarding hours of operation. Be sure to check out the Rosenberg Railroad Museum as well!

How to visit the MKT Railroad Museum in Katy, TX

The MKT Railroad Museum is located in the historic Katy Depot, a restored Texas historical landmark. Originally built in 1913, the depot served as the main rail transportation hub for the city of Katy. Today, the museum houses a variety of exhibits and historic artifacts that highlight the history of the railroad industry and provide an inside look at the operations of a railroad in Texas. Visitors to the museum can explore the station’s exhibits and learn about the railroad’s accomplishments. The museum is open daily except for Tuesday. MKT Railroad Museum Admission Fee The MKT Railroad Museum offers a variety of ticket options to best suit your needs. You may purchase a day pass, a seasonal pass, or an annual pass. Day pass: $6.00 Adults, $4.00 Seniors, Veterans, and Children 6-12, Free for Children 5 and under.  Seasonal pass: $30.00 card good all year except during the winter season.  Annual pass: $75.00 card good all year.

MKT Railroad Museum Admission Fee

The MKT Railroad Museum is free to visit. However, it is a non-profit organization and operates with donations. If you are interested in sponsoring the Museum, please visit our sponsorship page for more information. The museum is open daily except for Tuesday. If you visit on a Tuesday, you can still explore some of the exhibits, but there will be a reduced staff presence, and some of the collections will not be available for viewing.

MKT Railroad Museum Highlights

The MKT Railroad Museum is the only railroad museum in the region that is located in a historic railroad station. The MKT Railroad Museum’s collection includes railroad artifacts from different eras, including steam, diesel, and electric locomotives, cars, and equipment. The museum’s collection also features artifacts related to the railroad industry, including photos, maps, and other paperwork. You can explore the exhibits in the historic Katy Depot and learn about the railroad’s history and the Katy Railroad’s construction.

MKT Railroad Museum Exhibits

The Katy Depot – The Katy Depot, located in the historic Katy Depot, features exhibits related to the creation of the Katy Railroad and the railroad’s operations. Visitors can learn about the construction of the Katy Railroad, the Katy Railroad’s operations, and the railroad’s notable achievements. Railroad History – In addition to the Katy Depot, the MKT Railroad Museum’s collection also includes artifacts related to the railroad’s history. For example, the museum’s collection includes materials related to the development of the railroad industry, and there are also maps, photos, and other memorabilia that depict the railroad’s operations. Railroad Operations – The railroad museum’s collection also features artifacts that depict the railroad’s operations and depict the railroad’s equipment and train cars. You can see an old-fashioned red caboose, a classic steam locomotive, and more. – Railroad Equipment and Cars – In addition to the red caboose and other authentic railroad cars, the museum’s collection also includes a variety of other authentic railroad artifacts, including a steam shovel, a train crossing gate, and more.

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