Metro Lift Contracted Taxi Driver Kills 2 Passengers in Crash

A good Houston car wreck lawyer is just as astounded by motor vehicle accidents as the general public is, despite their regular exposure to such occurrences. Accident lawyers know that everyone makes mistakes, and that accidents are part of life, but when a professional driver causes a fatal accident to occur, it is still alarming.

At about 5 p.m. on Friday July 15th a metro lift contracted taxi driver struck a fuel tanker, and killed the two passengers he was transporting. Metro Life is a service that helps elderly or infirm people get to their doctor or hospital appointments, and has been a well respected service in the Houston area for many years.

The accident happened in the northbound lanes of Highway 59 just before Laura Koppe Road. According to witnesses, David Wayne Houston was driving the taxi erratically, swerving in and out of traffic. He then rear-ended a fuel tanker that had pulled off to the shoulder of the road with a flat tire.

The two passengers were Dorothy Britton, 84, and Sandra Davis Smart, 56 were using the taxi service to get home from a dialysis treatment. John Jones, a witness at the scene said it was the worst accident he had ever seen. “He was driving radical, cutting in and out of the traffic speeding,” Jones said. “The truck was parked where it is now. The driver was putting his cones out. That is when I saw the back end of the yellow cab, and I thought the yellow cab was going to come up over the truck.”

The passenger in the back seat of the taxi died at the scene of the accident. The front seat passenger was taken to a nearby hospital but

later died as well. Houston, the taxi driver survived the accident with only minor injuries. The Harris County District Attorney’s office has not yet released the charges that have been filed against Houston, but there are some pending. It is also unclear what caused Houston to drive so recklessly, and the cause of the accident is still under investigation.

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