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Logs Roll Off of the Vehicle Sideways

If you live in West Houston and were in a commercial truck accident, you could have suffered severe, life-threatening injuries. In 2018, almost 5,000 people died in large truck accidents. These injuries and fatalities mean that big truck traffic is no joke. 

One of the riskier rigs are logging trucks. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates these vehicles to ensure that the correct load amount is secure for transporting on each lumber truck. If a logger truck has incorrectly or carelessly loaded cargo, it can cause an accident resulting in severe consequences.  

If you were in a logger truck wreck, a big rig injury law firm in West Houston will guide you along the process about your case, continue reading to find out your legal options. 

Types of Logging Trucks

There are two types of 18-wheelers, and using the right one correctly is necessary to prevent wrecks. One is for travel on the rough ground found in forests, and the second is for highway and road travel. 

The suspension and high-pressure tires that are on the offroad vehicles can handle the rough terrain. Sometimes, there as many as nine axles added to an 18-wheeler big rig to provide low ground pressure and improved traction. 

The vehicle should be able to climb a gradient. Some terrains are more challenging to climb than others, so logging companies must use the right big rig every time to prevent accidents.

When it comes to loading, the loader may fit the big truck with one or more winches or cranes. The most common method for unloading logs is letting the logs roll off of the vehicle sideways. 

Transporting Logs

There are many rules for transporting lumber that ensure the safety of the truck driver and any other drivers on the road. Logs cannot be over a certain weight, length, or size when loaded on a vehicle.  

The rules also require that logs only load onto vehicles made for log transportation. Using any other vehicle than a prepared logger truck is not only illegal but also careless and dangerous

To further prevent a crash, there are even more regulations that control load stabilization, bolstering, and securing to provide the highest amounts of stability. 

Possibility of Accidents 

If the company or driver fails to follow any of the previously mentioned rules and regulations, life-threatening accidents can occur. 640 people a year die on West Houston-area roads, and logger truck accidents are preventable by following the required regulations and taking extra precautions. 

Inadequate maintenance on a logging truck can also be dangerous. Lack of proper maintenance can cause the vehicle to have brake failure issues, spill logs out onto the road, or collide with other drivers or even overturn. 

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