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If you’re involved in a big rig collision, your top priority will undoubtedly be taking care of those close to you. Did you sustain an injury? Do you require medical services? Have 911 been contacted? These types of questions will instantly follow an crash but, regrettably, they are only the beginning of numerous worries to come.

You Need A Seasoned Commercial Truck Crash Attorney

In most situations, a 18 wheeler accident case will differ from a West Houston automobile crash cases in quite a few ways. In most situations, a 18 wheeler wreck will lead to far more significant injuries than standard car accidents. A trucking company, along with their attorneys and insurance adjusters, are likely to try and diminish the events explained by harmed individuals involved in an accident. Joe Stephens is among the handful of injury lawyers that can provide the working experience and ability needed to address a trucking injury case expertly. Our organization has played a crucial part in delivering countless truck accident lawsuits to a positive judgment. If you desire to win your case and receive the compensation you are entitled to, be certain to get the services of an experienced West Houston trucking accident lawyer.

With only a phone call, we will start to work towards defending your rights. Evidence seems to go missing quickly following a crash, especially if negligent parties are attempting to hide responsibility for the accident. In most instances, it is better to have us in your corner to begin researching the case before any evidence is concealed.

With so many different conditions to consider with these types of accidents, it’s easy to understand if you’re not sure where to start. Please know that you can expect a TOTALLY FREE consultation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so contact us without delay at 281-623-1701, or use this website to send us a query or acquire more information. There is zero charge to get a case evaluation from our staff of nationally recognized truck accident legal professionals right now. With our team of professionals, you won’t need to be concerned about having to pay up front expenses, because you’ll only have to pay us if we win your case.

Our Objective Is To Demonstrate That The Trucking Company Was Responsible

In general, trucking companies are shielded against driver claims brought for personal injury or death under commercial policies. These insurance policies typically maintain 7-figure liability protection amounts, so the stakes are considerable for the insurance provider. This exposure makes the insurance provider to fight relentlessly to protect their funds and pay minimal on the claim. For this reason, you’ll need a professional attorney who has had experience in dealing with big rig wreck cases successfully. Your attorney should be seasoned in handling these cases, not still learning the ins and outs of truck accident law.

When you enlist the counsel of Joe Stephens, he’ll get started on looking through the company’s relevant logs and records, as well as getting an accident reconstruction specialist to examine the site and all autos involved for further evidence.

Generally, this will allow our group of specialists to collect all of the detailed data we need to help you on your case.

That’s not all though, as Joe will invest time to discover more about your injuries, if and how they can be cared for, and the medical related costs involved with both existing and future treatment.

To make certain that the recovery you receive will be enough to take care of you and the ones you love while you’re unable to function as before, we’ll take care of the task of determining the level of damages you need depending on the research we’ve amassed.

In case the truck company or their insurer refuses to offer a recovery that compensates our clients for all their injuries and damages, we take the suit to court; where our commercial trucking wreck attorneys are prepared to battle tenaciously.

Receiving Compensation for Your Personal Injuries

A lot of people battle to manage monthly bills following being harmed in one of these types of accidents. As you might have guessed, all these variables (particularly how the accident effects your life) can have an impact on the levels of settlement you’re eligible for. Our dedication to obtaining all the facts is one of the biggest reasons why we’re frequently able to help people obtain the highest compensation from their claim.

Our attorneys will go over this when we consult with you, and some examples of questions we routinely discuss with potential clients include:

  • Did any physical damages or fatalities occur from the wreck?
  • How bad was the property damage?
  • Were the police contacted and did you give them a statement?
  • What did the police do (arrest the offending driver/issue a ticket)?
  • Are there healthcare and insurance costs to pay?
  • Are you still undergoing treatment?
  • Have your injuries stopped you from working and receiving income?
  • Are you still struggling with the injuries today, even after recovering?
  • Did the collision cause you physical impairments or residual pain that you now have to deal with?
  • Do you have any memory of what happened before you were involved in the accident?

The legal compensation for those involved in commercial vehicle accidents in Texas could include:

  • Fair and necessary medical expenses both existing and future
  • Past and ongoing physical pains and psychological stress
  • Lost earning potential both existing and future
  • Physical Impairment
  • In certain circumstances, punitive or exemplary damages may apply
  • Any survival damages awarded for wrongful death

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As a nationally acknowledged team with more than 30 years of experience, Joe Stephens is an experienced choices for those in need of a professional to handle their suit. And, since we work on a contingency payment basis, you’ll only need to pay us for our world-class services if we win the case for you. Don’t leave your rights to chance for a MINUTE longer! Start your journey to getting your compensation by phoning us on 281-623-1701 or filling out our form right here. Don’t waste any more time and get in touch today! Click Here for Directions to Our West Houston trucking collision Law Firm