How to Prevent Tailgating Car Accidents in West Houston

Have you ever been a victim of tailgating? Have you ever seen a tailgating accident happen before you? Despite being easily preventable, tailgating accidents are very common. But there are also tips for avoiding tailgating accidents you can follow to make the road safer. 

Tailgating happens when a car follows another vehicle too closely. That leaves too little room for emergency stops. The vehicle in front may notice the lack of space and accelerate to create more distance. But while focusing on what’s behind, they may not have the time and distance to stop when there’s something in front of them. 

Closely tailgating is a common cause of rear-end incidents, which could result in a traffic penalty or even a lawsuit. To avoid an accident, always do your best to maintain a safe and cautious distance from the vehicle in front of you. 

Tips for Avoiding West Houston Tailgating Accidents

Whether you are driving in front of or behind another car, there are ways to avoid tailgating. The situation could be dangerous for you either way. But when you stay aware and use defensive driving tips for avoiding tailgating accidents, you can reduce your risk of car accidents on the road. 

Keep Your Cool

Maintaining your calm is the first step in dealing with tailgaters. Yes, seeing someone driving so close can be frustrating, but acting in the spur of the moment and with anger won’t help. Instead, you must remain calm and composed while concentrating on your driving abilities. Allow them to pass, or change lanes yourself to allow them to pass if possible. 

Everyone wants to be in front of the pack in a race, but this is never a good idea on the road. When a tailgater flashes his headlights, they are urging you to move over. It’s tempting to do the exact opposite of what they want, but don’t give in. Your safety is more important than making a point. 

Slow Down Even Further

If you go even slower than before, the tailgater will eventually pass you angrily rather than continue to ride close on your bumper. It’s not your fault if they’re running late, but they’re jeopardizing your safety. Don’t slam on the brakes, or you’ll get rear-ended. Just take your foot off the gas pedal. Everything should be done slowly. The last thing you want to happen is for the person to collide with you.

Keep Up With the Recommended Speed Limit

Attempt to stay inside the speed limit. If your vehicle is unable to go at the legal limit due to issues or bad conditions, put on your hazard lights and stick to the right lane when possible. This will alert other drivers that you are unable to proceed faster and that they may pass you. Drivers are less inclined to tailgate if they can get around you. You’ll also avoid speeding which can cause a more serious car accident than if you’re going the limit. 

Don’t Be the Problem

We’ve covered what you should do as the driver in front. But also be aware of giving some distance to the person in front of you. Make sure there’s at least one car length between you and the next car. This gives you space to make an emergency stop if necessary. 

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