How to Prevent Hitting Deer While Driving in West Houston

Wildlife is everywhere in Texas – it’s one of the things we love so much about our home. But unfortunately, animals like deer running into the road as a car is approaching comes with the territory. 

Hitting a deer on the road is a tragic and horrifying moment in any driver’s life. It can also be extremely dangerous and lead to injury or even death for you or your passengers.

But is there a way to avoid hitting a deer in Texas?

We’ve listed some of the best tips for avoiding deer on the roads to keep you and our precious wildlife safe from unfortunate road accidents.

Tips for Avoiding Deer Collisions on West Houston Roads

Remaining cautious and alert are the best things you can do to prevent colliding with deer. But what happens if the animal runs out into the road suddenly, and you need to react? 

It’s hard to be prepared at all times, but by following these guidelines, you give yourself and the deer the best chance of emerging unscathed.

1. Slow Down if You See Relevant Road Signs

Areas where deer tend to roam are often marked by road signs. It’s worth keeping an eye out for these signs and slowing your pace if you see one. 

Of course, it’s hard to gauge how far the sign suggests remaining cautious for – which is why you should treat them as reminders that deer can run out almost anywhere in rural Texas.

Noticing these signs and checking your speed can be the difference between a near miss and a fatal collision, especially on rural Texas roads. Slowing down your pace can also mitigate the risk of getting into collisions with other drivers, which have a very high fatality rate on rural roads.

2. Stay Watchful

Driving through the country, especially at night, is a lengthy, tedious task. Drivers might find that their attention begins to wander as minutes turn into hours, and they watch the same 20 yards of road unfurl before them.

Remind yourself to remain cautious and watch for deer periodically. Having a reminder set (that you can easily silence without looking away from the road) for every 20-30 minutes can help you stay alert. Alternatively, a passenger can remind you to keep your eye out for deer at intervals.

The sooner you notice the deer, the faster you can react and the better chance you have of avoiding an accident.

3. Brake and Swerve

If you stand a good chance of stopping before you hit the deer, brake hard. Turn the car slightly, aiming away from the opposite lane, so that you impact the deer at an angle. It’s more likely to spin away in these cases.

If you can’t significantly reduce your speed, speeding up at the last second might be a better option. This raises your car’s bumper and decreases the chance of the deer rolling over the windscreen.

4. Don’t Swerve Into the Other Lane

Try to swerve away from the opposite lane. Swerving into the other lane puts you in the path of oncoming traffic and can easily lead to an avoidable and lethal collision.

Instead, swerve just enough that the corner of the bumper (where the headlights are) is aimed at the deer. If you collide with the driver or passenger door facing the deer, its antlers could smash through and cause you serious injury or death.

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