How to Prevent Highway Hypnosis While Driving

If you’ve ever driven for an extended period and realized you’ve just passed your exit, or you can’t remember anything about the last few miles, chances are, you’ve experienced highway hypnosis while driving.

This phenomenon causes you to enter a trance-like state while behind the wheel. Highway hypnosis results from the monotony of the road slowing your brain down. It leaves you functioning on autopilot and less alert. 

So how do you prevent highway hypnosis while driving? Below, we cover the causes of this phenomenon, who is at risk, and tips to avoid road hypnosis car wrecks. 

Highway Hypnosis and Car Wrecks in West Houston

Highway hypnosis interrupts the brain’s concentration. This dulled mental state puts drivers and their passengers at a higher risk of being involved in a car wreck. When the brain becomes less alert and aware, reaction times slow down to surrounding events. 

Highway hypnosis is more likely to happen to commercial truck drivers because they regularly embark on long-distance journeys. If an accident were to occur, they are much more likely not to remember how it happened. 

Tips to Avoid Road Hypnosis Car Wrecks

If you often find yourself drifting on long stretches of road, here’s how you can prevent highway hypnosis from happening:

  • Have a regular sleeping routine and avoid driving when you should be sleeping.
  • Don’t drive long distances without stopping in one day.
  • Regularly check your side and rearview mirrors.
  • Try and move your eyes regularly.
  • Consciously make an effort to keep looking at the traffic and road signs around you.
  • If you have passengers, talk to them often.
  • If you don’t have passengers, turn the radio on and tune in to shows where people are talking.
  • Stop every couple of hours to stretch your legs.
  • Keep your car at a consistent temperature—cooler temperatures are best; also, ensure plenty of fresh air is regularly flowing in the vehicle.  
  • Avoid eating a heavy meal before driving, particularly carbs and processed foods that make you feel tired.

These are just some tips that will prevent highway hypnosis and car wrecks. Unfortunately, not all wrecks are avoidable. In a road hypnosis car wreck, you must seek a professional personal injury lawyer for legal representation. These cases are too complex to handle without an expert who knows how to navigate Texas’s unforgiving system of law. 

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