How to Exercise on the Road as a Truck Driver

Stay in Shape While Working Long Haul Routes

Truck drivers are essential connectors between global businesses and their customers. Unlike an office job, driving an 18-wheeler or semi-truck is far from predictable, and it isn’t for the faint of heart. The flipside is that the truck industry has challenges when it comes to the health habits of its truckers.

When you’re a truck driver, it’s challenging to commit to a gym membership and maintain a balanced lifestyle. Many sit for long hours, eat unhealthy food, and have erratic sleep schedules. If you’re stuck in this pattern for too long, you’re increasing your risk of health problems like:

  • Injury
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol

One way to overcome these issues is to include movement in your daily routine with truck driver exercises. Truck drivers often forgo exercise because it seems unrealistic with the deadlines they have to meet. But it doesn’t have to be complicated nor time-consuming. Your success depends on consistency and an active decision to stay healthy on the road.

Top Ways to Exercise While on the Road

All of the truck driving exercises and tips below take less than 20 minutes to complete. The equipment won’t break the bank, and it fits in your truck. Try to vary your exercise routine, so it stays challenging and fun for you. After all, when you look forward to your routine, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Take advantage of the many iOS and Android apps specially developed for truck drivers. Truck driver fitness apps encourage you to maintain healthy habits while considering your circumstances. Some apps post mini exercise routines perfect for hectic schedules.

A folding bike is the best way to get a cardio workout and flex your leg muscles. You’ll get out of the truck and take in the beautiful scenery and fresh air while pedaling. Foldable bikes fit virtually anywhere, especially if you have a big truck. Just 15 minutes of stationary biking increases your heart rate and gets your blood pumping.

Dumbbells are portable tools that work your upper body and arms. They don’t take up much space, meaning they fit anywhere in your truck. Try to get several sets so you can leave them at home and take one set with you on the road.

Work your way up in weight and switch your routine. There are thousands of videos for dumbbell exercises online, and it isn’t hard to stick to a daily 20-minute routine.

You’ve undoubtedly passed by many basketball courts while driving. If you’re on a consistent route and a public court in a park is available, take advantage of it. Basketball is a fantastic full-body workout that’s fun and competitive. Basketball lets you exercise and socialize, simultaneously boosting your physical and mental well-being.

Suspension cables are a great exercise tool for truck drivers because they give your muscles a much-needed stretch. You also have a lot of options when it comes to your routine and what part of your body you want to target, whether you want to work your upper body or your legs. They’re even portable so that you can use them anywhere your truck is.

It may not sound like an exercise routine, but jumping on a trampoline for 20 minutes every day is a solid workout. Better yet, since it doesn’t feel like “work,” you can switch it up and learn some exercises or poses to work on while you jump. These strengthen your leg muscles and your core, and you’ll be out of breath in no time.

A kettlebell is an excellent tool to have in your truck since it’s small and fits anywhere. Kettlebells weigh up to 20 pounds and give you a powerful upper-body workout. With a consistent 20-minute routine, you’ll build muscles in no time and increase your overall strength.

It’s not as hard as it sounds to maintain a consistent exercise routine. The biggest obstacle to staying fit is the illusion that you don’t have a lot of time. With these simple changes and exercise equipment, you’ll transform your habits – and health – for the better.

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