How Many Estimates Should You Get For a West Houston Car Accident?

When you have been involved in a car accident in Texas, you’ll need to take your car in for an estimate. But do you just need one? 

People often ask: “Do I need more than one car repair estimate after a wreck?”. The answer is a simple rule of 3. Getting 3 estimates is your way of gathering evidence to show insurance companies. You need proof of what the true cost will be so they cover all expenses. 

If you only have one estimate, then you can’t compare prices with other shops. You won’t know if the price was too high, too low, or just right. Comparing gives you a much better idea of the cost involved. 

Do I Need More Than One Car Repair Estimate After A Wreck?

3 estimates may seem like a lot, but they’re an important part of your claim. 

Estimates must be in writing and use an itemized list. They should include all labor costs and the parts used for the repairs. They should explain what repairs are needed and why. 

Once you’ve collected the varying estimates, you can come to an average cost. It’s recommended you get an estimate from one high-end repair shop. As you’ll need to negotiate with your insurance company, you want the average to be in your favor. Use the high-end shop’s price as leverage with the insurance company on what work needs to be done and how much should be paid to complete the work.

Where to Get Estimates

Using the same repair shop your insurer recommends could mean using a reputable company. An insurance company’s recommendation is known as a direct repair facility. However, insurance companies may simply send you where they have worked out a deal. This shop may do the absolute bare minimum. This means lower costs for the insurance company, and the driver won’t know the difference. 

The cheapest option isn’t always best, since this can reflect the work done too. It could be a case of cutting corners or using lower-quality materials. 

This is why getting estimates outside the insurance company’s network is important. You want the highest-quality materials and all the necessary repairs to get your vehicle as close to its condition before the crash as possible. So find a shop your trust and then get 2 additional independent estimates to show your insurance company what you’ll need for repairs. 

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