How Many Car Accident Deaths Happen Per Day in Texas?

Traffic-related injuries and accidents are unfortunately common anywhere with a high car density, but how many people are killed each day? Research from 2021 indicates the number is far too high for Texas roads to be considered safe. 

The average is upwards of 10 people were killed every day in Texas in motor accidents in the last year. Make sure you practice safe driving measures and prepare for the risks of driving on the Texas roads. 

To know more about the risks based on Texas traffic fatality statistics in 2021, read on for the details. 

Texas Traffic Fatality Statistics In 2021 

But what is your real risk on a typical daily commute? What dangers are you facing? 

In short, yes. There are always risks when you drive, regardless of where you go, but in Texas, there has been a trend of increasing the number of deaths due to accidents per day over the last several decades. 

The year 2020 marked one of the highest rates of deaths in the state from auto accidents in the last 30 years, making it a very dangerous year to be driving in Texas. 

It is worth noting that Texas is a state with a very high population, and the population does have an impact on the number of deaths. Ideally, the number of deaths in proportion to the number of people would remain low. 

In 2019, this figure was close to average compared with other states, making the risk factor during that year for driving similar to most other places in the country. However, numbers are rising and making it a more dangerous place for driving. 

What Were the Specific Causes Of Death?

Based on Texas traffic fatality statistics in 2021, the common causes of traffic deaths were speeding, distracted driving, and not wearing seatbelts. The highest percentage of deaths came from individuals not wearing their seatbelts, which is, sadly, very preventable. 

All drivers should be sure to remember that seat belts do save lives. Remember to drive safely and at the recommended speed limits to prevent traffic-related deaths. 

What Should You Do If You Experience A Collision?

If you ever experience a car crash, your priority should be contacting emergency responders. If it was serious enough for anyone to be injured, then ask for an ambulance for the individual. After contacting officials and emergency services, if you are able, you should also begin documenting the accident immediately. 

For your future reference, you should take photos of the crash scene and how the cars are laid out. Also, be sure to record what you remember from the accident. In case a lawsuit is involved, you want to have as much evidence as possible as to what happened and why. 

Before you leave the scene, make sure that you call reliable car accident attorneys and ask what steps they recommend you take because they may suggest even more steps to take in case of a lawsuit. 

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