How Do Attorneys Find Truck Companies at Fault for Accidents?

If you or your loved one has been in a truck accident in Houston involving an 18-wheeler, big rig, or any other type of commercial truck, you need a winning truck accident injury attorney to fight for your rights. 

An attorney can help with the rigorous process of determining fault in the aftermath of a truck wreck. Big trucks fully loaded can weigh almost 80,000 pounds and can result in damage to your property, vehicle, and health. Trucking companies have insurance policies and a team of lawyers, so you need an attorney to face them fairly and protect your legal rights. 

Finding a Truck Company at Fault after a Truck Wreck

Either the driver or the employer may be liable for the incident, depending on the specific situation. Your lawyer will help you determine if the trucking company is at fault for the truck wreck by looking at:

  • The hiring process: It is the trucking company’s duty and responsibility to carry out sufficient background checks on every driver they employ, including driving history and screenings for substance abuse. Employers must look into the FMCSA Clearinghouse to see if the driver applicant’s name is in the database of known drivers with substance abuse problems.
  • Training and supervision: Trucking companies need to ensure that all drivers who operate a big rig, 18-wheeler, and other large commercial trucks undergo sufficient and detailed training procedures. They must know how to handle the vehicle and what to do in emergencies. Truck Enforcement officers in Houston offer commercial businesses several free truck safety programs to help educate their drivers. 
  • Vehicle maintenance: The trucking company must conduct annual inspections on every vehicle in their fleet to avoid a truck accident. The assessment should cover the truck’s brakes, head and rear lights, GPS, engine, transmission, tires, and all additional gear and parts. Sometimes, the fault can lie with the truck or part manufacturer, but the company should be checking the vehicles they own. Loaded trucks take much longer to come to a stop on a wet road with poorly maintained brakes, which is why inspections are mandatory.
  • Time of accident: The truck accident should occur while a driver is on duty for a trucking company to be responsible. Another case is if the driver has taken permission to use the vehicle outside their working hours and employment scope, and it results in an accident. Because the trucking company gave their consent, they can be liable for any truck wreck caused. 
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A misstep or inappropriate behavior at any one of these stages could help to determine fault. But the lengthy investigation required means you want an automobile injury law firm in Houston Texas to help you through this process. 

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