Houston Truck Clubs

Since the dawn of the automotive age, there have been auto clubs where people of like-minded interest bond together to share news about travel, maps, services, and best practices. The trucking industry is no different, providing a community for support and information while sharing resources and creating a network of affiliated drivers, mechanics, shippers, and so forth. Have you lost a dear one due to a negligent truck wreck? don’t hesitate to get in touch with an experienced negligent death attorneys in West Houston. When dealing with commercial trucking in Houston it is a good idea to have an experienced vehicle injury lawyer that knows the industry. Joe Stephens has decades of experience as a top West Houston big rig crash law firm.

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These are a few of the best trucking clubs in the greater Houston area, whether you drive commercial trucks or are a long-haul trucker.

Places / Locations

Transportation Club of Houston: 935 Eldridge Rd, Sugar Land, TX 77478

Organized in 1915, though operating as the Traffic Club of Houston, the Transportation Club of Houston has is proud to be focused on career and development, making new friends in the industry and giving back to the trucking profession. They’re one of the biggest transportation clubs, offering working relationships with a wide variety of carriers and freight companies. This close working relationship results in members staying connected with the industry at large, creating an expansive network of employment and transport opportunities.

If you’re a start-up trucking company or even a single owner of an 18-wheeler, you’ll find plenty of connections within this group. Explore their website for a better idea of their working relationships. You can contact them for more information at 713-510-3445 or see their website at https://www.transclubhou.org/. They offer monthly meetings and club golf outings to facilitate networking, as well as guest speakers throughout the year.

Houston Transportation Professionals Association

The Houston Transportation Professionals Association doesn’t simply connect 18-wheeler drivers. It also provides support through a variety of transportation industries including ships and rail. Connect directly with freight suppliers and industry leaders to help grow your business and get the most options from your membership. They work with some of the biggest commercial trucking companies in Houston.

Membership benefits include access to jobs and resumes, discounts, a membership directory, and access to the regular events generally held monthly. Membership is open to logistics professionals, and even includes an option for scholarships and student discounts on dues. For a link to the membership application, check out their website at https://htpa.net/

International Transportation Management Association

Of the few truck clubs mentioned here, the International Transportation Management Association seems particularly devoted to promoting education. It offers members connections to direct educational scholarships while also connecting logistics professionals with semi tractor trailer drivers and other industries that provide transportation assistance and logistics support. You can even find job listings and industry links directly on their webpage for your convenience.

The International Transportation Management Association meets frequently and sponsors regular events to help keep its members informed and up-to-date on new regulations and developments within the field of logistics and shipping. Check their website for upcoming events and a link to their scholarship application as well as their membership application and dues. See the website at https://www.itmahouston.org/transportation/

It’s easy for transportation professionals to lapse into thinking they must go it alone—to drive their business like they drive their vehicles—but there are plenty of networking resources available. If you’re looking for connections to jobs, tips on running your logistics business, or support from networks of industries all linked to each other, a big truck club is the way to go.

Truck clubs, like those mentioned here, provide much more than job opportunities. They offer connections, community, and occasionally even scholarships for yourself or your kids. Get the latest industry news and forge new relationships to help market your services, while helping your business grow.

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