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Vehicle accidents occur when you least expect them, and they can be deadly. Over 600 people were killed due to a head-on vehicle accident in Texas in 2019 alone. When you’re involved in a large truck accident, one of the biggest legal issues you will face in the aftermath is determining whose fault the wreck was. According to the Department of Transportation, about 87% of vehicular accidents involving big trucks are caused by truck driver’s error.

A big truck weighs a lot more than your typical passenger car, resulting in even more severe injuries, and death in some cases. Suppose a loved one or you has been injured due to a big rig accident. In that case, our West Houston truck accident insurance lawyer team is here to pursue a legal claim for proper compensation on your behalf against the party who was negligent.

Who Has Liability for the Truck Wreck?

Determining who is at fault for causing the accident will be one of the most difficult legal issues you will face after a truck wreck. The truck driver’s actions will play an essential role in the cause of the truck crash, the shipping company that the truck driver works for will often be the one held liable. If a case can be made to show that the commercial trucking company violated the strict regulations that were put in place to avoid exactly this, then you can pursue that as well.

How the Commercial Truck Industry Protects Itself

The trucking industry does much to avoid lawsuits like this – for starters, their commercial truck fleet is actually employed of owner-operators as opposed to the company’s own fleet of big rigs. This gives them a loophole where they can claim that the driver was not working directly for them during the time the incident occurred. This has been argued in court before, and it will happen again.

Getting the Important Documents Together

In this type of scenario, evidence will need to be gathered to prove otherwise. 18-wheeler driving logs can be obtained to view whether or not the driver’s route at the time of the accident was within the scope of their employment. These kinds of fact-checking documents are incredibly useful in debunking the wrongful claims made by trucking companies. Joe Stephens is a big rig crash attorney in West Houston that can help win your case.

What Compensation Is Available for Recovery?

While every big rig accident claim varies, you might be able to receive the following kinds of compensation:

  • Lost income
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Punitive damages
  • Funeral and burial costs
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West Houston Truck Accident Insurance Attorney

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How often have you been driving and passed by a truck accident? These incidents are so common on highways and roads that you’ve most likely come across more than one during your travels. Many drivers had experienced close calls with big rig trucks, barely avoiding accidents, while others are less fortunate and have been struck by a big truck when they weren’t expecting it, and oftentimes losing their life on these types of wrecks, contact a West Houston death attorney if that’s your case.

If a member of your family or you have been harmed in any way because of a big vehicle accident, you need to seek legal help as quickly as possible. Contact The Stephens Law Firm today, count on one of the best automobile accident lawyers in West Houston, so our experienced team ensures you get the compensation you deserve.

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