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What is RSD?

An RSD injury, also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy injury is the most painful injury on earth!

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy also now commonly called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a nerve injury that medical doctors can do little to cure. It is recognized that even minor accidents can cause RSD in people of all ages.

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Is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Curable?

RSD causes the body’s nerve system to go haywire resulting in unrelenting pain. The pain can be torturous with most describing the pain as a burning sensation, similar to sticking one’s hand on hot charcoals. RSD is recognized as the most painful disease on earth according the McGill Pain Scale - above that of cancer pain, child birth, and traumatic amputation. Over time, RSD spreads to other extremities and after 1-2 years, if symptoms do not improve, RSD is typically incurable.

Attorney Joe Stephens has handled and actually tried many jury trials for RSD injury victims. His 35+ years of experience handling serious injury litigation in Houston is invaluable when evaluating and preparing RSD cases. Unless a lawyer understands the trouble, symptoms, and tribulations unique to RSD cases, he is ineffective and incompetent to represent RSD injury cases. In one case, for instance, the initial offer to another firm was only $15,000 before Mr. Stephens got involved. That case later settled for over $3,500,000.00.  

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RSD Suffers Deal With Daily Excruciating Pain

RSD prevents a person from returning to work, social activities, and impairs them from daily living activities. The
condition requires the use of pain medication and many types of medical procedures, including spinal stimulators, pain pumps, and other drastic procedures—just to deal with the pain. Suffers often slip into major depression due to their situation and unbearable pain. Many RSD victims have stated that they would cut off their affected limbs and some commit suicide. RSD is a serious, life altering affliction!

Work With an Attorney Experienced in Handling RSD Lawsuits

Experience handling RSD cases means the difference between winning and losing. That is why Joe Stephens, who has tried over 100 jury trials, and has handled dozens of RSD injury cases is the best lawyer for you. Please contact our office now and he will discuss your case for FREE. He will advance all expenses on your case, and only gets paid if he settles or wins your case. You never owe anything unless you obtain a successful settlement or win a jury trial, and then you only pay Mr. Stephens out of your recovery.