Another Houston Police Officer Charged with DWI

Like most people, a good Houston auto crash injury attorney is always unsettled when they hear of a police officer breaking the law. Police officers take an oath when entering this chosen profession, not only to serve and protect the citizens of their city or town, but they are the people charged with implementing laws, and enforcing the laws upon the citizens of their town. As such, police are expected to uphold the law themselves to the letter—otherwise it sets a very poor example to the rest of the community.

A Houston police officer, Sergeant Roy Marquez has been charged with driving while intoxicated. According to Houston police, Marquez ran a red light at the intersection of Red Bluff and Beltway 8 on Sunday. He hit another vehicle, and his pickup truck then flipped and rolled over.

Fortunately, neither Sergeant Marquez nor the other driver was injured in the accident. According to court documents, Marquez had a blood alcohol level of 0.127, when the legal limit in Texas is 0.08.

Marquez heads the Houston Police Department’s DWI grant program, so his arrest for this transgression is ironic as well as shocking. Marquez has been immediately relieved of his duty as an officer. The final decision about his reinstatement will be determined after an internal affairs investigation.

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