Houston North Bridge Closure

The best vehicle wreck attorneys in Houston Texas know that construction and road closures often cause traffic nightmares—which in turn can lead to an increased incidence of motor vehicle accidents. This is why Houston car accident lawyers would like to alert the public to a bridge closure that will affect the Houston metropolitan area for up to 14 months.

The North Main Street Bridge is scheduled to be shut down until late 2012 so construction crews can work on the Metro North light rail line, forcing drivers who usually travel this route to find alternate ways to reach their destinations.

The bridge is projected to be closed between Naylor and Franklin streets until late 2012. Crews will be working on two major bridge structures for the Metro North light rail line, which will make the light rail line more up to date, efficient and easy for passengers to use. The first project will be replacing a 420-foot Main Street span over White Oak Bayou near the University of Houston Downtown campus. A new 2,500-foot structure will also be constructed over the nearby railroad tracks.

All light rail services will continue on their regular scheduled, but drivers will be inconvenienced with a detour around this area. The Hernandez Tunnel under the Union Pacific Railroad tracks will remain open during the light rail construction.

If you normally travel the North Main Street Bridge, Houston car accident lawyers would like to warn you to try to find alternate routes to reach your destination. Construction always causes confusion and traffic hassles, as well as an increased risk of accidents. If at all possible, find a different way to reach your destination, or if this isn’t possible, allow extra time to navigate through the detours as heavy traffic, closed lanes and constructions signs are often confusing.

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