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Due to a catastrophic truck crash, there are different reasons that amputation may be necessary. Amputation is a last resort. It may be because a limb or part of a limb is crushed in the accident beyond repair or has a severe infection. When you are involved in a commercial truck accident that results in amputation, you need to make sure you understand your rights and what you can recover. 

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Life After Amputation

Whether it’s the amputation of a smaller part of the body or the whole limb, amputation makes for a serious injury case. Why? Because your life is changed after such a catastrophic truck wreck. To understand the worth of your case, it’s important to understand exactly how your life has been changed. 

Consider these questions:

How much did your amputation cost? 

Amputations inevitably cost you in medical bills. Whatever isn’t covered by your own insurance will fall to you to pay. It doesn’t make sense to be the victim of a big rig crash and then end up paying out your wallet. Make sure you keep a record of all your medical expenses to know exactly what this injury costs. 

What are the economic effects on you and your family? 

If you missed work because of the accident and your injuries, it’s important to know if you lost wages because of this. If you did, this may be recoverable from a settlement. An automobile crash law firm in West Houston will answer all your questions.

Additionally, consider your future wages. If you lost your job because of your injury, you can also assess what you will miss by a lost job or change in position. This also means a loss of income for your family and dependents.  

How has the quality of your life changed? 

Pain and suffering is a serious part of your personal injury case. Consider your favorite hobbies and activities prior to the truck accident. Can you still pursue your hobbies? 

If you needed an amputation because of a big truck accident, you know you have suffered from a lot of pain. If you continue to experience pain due to your amputation, this is important to share with your representative. 

Reaching a Settlement 

Amputation injuries make for serious personal injury cases. However, your case value will depend on the other driver. The other driver’s insurance policy limits will determine your case’s maximum recovery from their insurance company. If the other driver has small policy limits, you will need to look for other ways to cover your expenses. Sometimes deaths are involved, in that case, contact a West Houston wrongful death lawyer to help you solve your claim for your loved one.

If the other driver has low policy limits, this is when it is important to have good underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage of your own. It is best to review your own insurance policy and see what your underinsured policy limits are. The higher your limits, the more you can recover from your own insurance company. 

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West Houston Amputation Truck Accident Attorney

Recovering Your Losses

Tracking your expenses and reaching a settlement is a job in itself. You don’t need to handle this alone! We can help you understand your case value. We will fight to recover the maximum coverage available to you. The Stephens Law Firm, one of the best West Houston 18-wheeler collision law firm, has experience representing those injured while driving 18-wheelers, so we have the know-how to best represent you. 

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