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Best Semi Truck Driving Schools in Houston

Truck driving is a reliable career with lots of opportunities and job security. No matter what is going on in the world, trucking jobs are plentiful. Because Houston is a major transportation thoroughfare, the number of local employers hiring continues to increase. While it is possible to earn your CDL without a training program, the…

Worst Location in Houston for 18-Wheeler Accidents

Any time you’ve got major intersections with lots of traffic, accidents will happen. In Houston, we have the biggest, busiest intersections in all of Texas. Tractor-trailer trucks carrying goods across the country are significant contributors to our high-traffic areas. Unfortunately, being a shipping thoroughfare brings more opportunities for crashes with big trucks. We’ve put together…

Best Truck Rentals in Houston

Many people find renting a truck for an event or a big move to be one of the most difficult aspects of the entire experience. Such companies are notorious for poor customer service, unavailable rigs, and unreliable trucks. That’s not the case in Houston, Texas. From mini-vans to semi tractor trailer trucks, rental options abound…

Best Commercial Truck Mechanic Schools in Houston

Every day, hundreds of thousands of big trucks cross the United States carrying consumer goods, propane, gas, and even cars. Whether they’re going North from Mexico or East and West across the continent, many of these vehicles pass through Houston, Texas. The United States Department of Transportation expects over a 40% increase in the number…

5 Best Truck Washes in Houston, Texas

If you’ve spent several weeks trucking, the sad truth is that your truck probably doesn’t look or smell its best. If you’ve reached the point where you’re looking for excuses not to sit in your truck, it’s time for a truck wash. Like many other big truck services, many truck washes are hit and miss.…

5 Best Truck Stops in Houston, Texas

A good truck stop can make or break your journey. When you’re driving a big truck on a long stretch of road, you want a truck stop that’s clean, friendly, and has decent food and drink. Many truck stops have expanded way beyond their humble roots, with some offering jerky stands, drink fountains, candy isles,…

5 Best Big Truck Mechanics in Houston, Texas

Finding a reliable mechanic in the best of times can be a chore. While many mechanics will promise the world, it’s hard to find one that will keep their promises without excessive charges. This problem is especially true for truckers. If you drive a big rig, chances are you’re not familiar with every area you…

Top 18-Wheeler Dealerships in Houston

If you’re looking to get into trucking, or if you own a semi-truck and want to build a fleet, you might wonder where to buy a truck. There are several Houston commercial truck dealerships to choose from, but not all of them deal in 18-wheeler style vehicles. However, all of them offer a large variety…

Houston Truck Clubs

Since the dawn of the automotive age, there have been auto clubs where people of like minded interest bond together to share news about travel, maps, services, and best practices. The trucking industry is no different, providing a community for support and information, while sharing resources and creating a network of affiliated drivers, mechanics, shippers,…

Biggest Commercial Trucking Companies in Houston

If you’re looking for Houston commercial trucking companies, it’s important to remember that bigger often means better. When planning freight deliveries, it’s essential to have the most extensive options possible, which is what the biggest companies in the area provide. This is because they have more trucks and drivers available along with comprehensive records for…

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