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Houston Drivers Can Now Pay for Parking Using Their Mobile Devices

The best Houston car accident attorneys know that looking for parking in this city can cause a lot of stress and headaches. Not to mention add a certain level of danger on the roads because of drivers who may be running late and are frantically looking for parking so they may not be looking where they are going.

A new city program will allow Houston area drivers to pay for metered parking through their mobile devices. This will streamline to parking process, making life more convenient, as well as safer for drivers.

Houston city officials unveiled the new program on Thursday that will apply to nearly all of the city’s roughly 7,000 parking meters. Drivers will need to begin by registering their mobile device with Once registered with the service, drivers can use any device that links to the internet to pay for their parking—from i-Pads to Smart Phones, this will update and simplify the city’s parking process.

When a driver parks, they will enter their vehicle plate and zone number, and the amount of time they would like to purchase. They will then receive a digital receipt on their mobile device, and the parking transaction will also be registered on handheld devices used by police officers and meter readers. Each transaction will cost 35 cents to execute, and drivers will receive an update, sent to the mobile device with which they paid, 15 minutes prior to the expiration time on their meter.

Houston mayor Anne Annise Parker is a huge advocate for the new program: “This is another example of how we are utilizing technology to make accessing city services easier,” Parker said. “Through the use of this innovation, motorists will be able to conduct parking transactions from the convenience of their car and receive alerts before their time expires.”

To assist motorist with the new technology and transition process, ParkMobile will have a dozen teams on the street and in the field to assist motorists with using the new technology. The City of Houston is expecting a smooth transition, as well as happy motorists. And Houston car accident attorneys are hoping to see a smoothing of city traffic patterns and potentially a decrease in motor vehicle accidents.

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