Houston Car Accidents Often Caused by Congestion

The economic downturn and high gas prices contributed to less congestion and a reduced risk for Houston car accidents in 2020. But, as Transportation Nation reports, the respite has likely already come and gone.

The Texas Transportation Institute’s annual look at traffic congestion ranked Houston the fourth most-congested city in the nation after Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Houston car accident lawyers are frequently called to deal with the aftermath of a serious or fatal car accident caused by congestion. Distracted driving, aggressive driving and even road rage and speeding are all consequences of our bumper-to-bumper world.

The study looked at 439 of the nation’s metro areas. It found Houston motorists waste an average of 58 hours on the road each year, a slight improvement from the 63 hours wasted in 2008. Not to mention several extra tanks of gas — the average Houston commuter also burned through an extra 52 gallons of fuel.

Cost per driver was pegged at $1,300. The national average was 34 hours wasted at a cost of $808.

As sobering as those statistics are, it could just be the tip of the iceberg for Houston, according to TTI Researcher Tim Lomax.

“You could look at five or ten years of a good economy in Houston and it’s possible that Houston could be topping the charts on our congestion list if the transportation network -all modes all kinds of services – aren’t expanded to keep up with that,” Lomax said. “You can only add so many people and jobs before the traffic congestion starts to be a limiting factor on that growth.”

Expanding public transportation options is one option that might just face a bigger hurdle than commuters trying to get to work: Texas is already facing a budget shortfall of as much as $27 billion.

National highlights of the study include:

-Congestion cost $115 billion in 2009, compared to $24 billion in 1982 even after adjustment for inflation.

-U.S. commuters wasted 3.9 billion gallons of fuel — or 130 days of flow through the Alaskan Pipeline.

-Average annual cost was $808 in 2009, compared to $351 in 1982.

-Yearly delay for the average commuter was 34 hours, compared to 14 hours in 1982.

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