Hit-And-Run Driver Kills Houston Pedestrian, Keeps Driving with Body in Windshield

A good Houston auto crash attorney is used to hearing about unusual and horrific accidents—they are part of their job territory. But even Houston car accident lawyers are shocked by the accident that took place in Southeast Houston early this morning.

According to authorities, a man’s car broke down on the Gulf Freeway at about 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. The man proceeded to walk along the shoulder of the road, presumably in search of assistance. While he was walking, the pedestrian was struck by a car traveling southbound on the Gulf Freeway, near Fuqua.

The impact of the collision was so strong that the pedestrian was propelled through the windshield of the moving car, and partially into the vehicle. Unfortunately, this did not stop the driver, who continued to drive with the body of the pedestrian lodged in his windshield and dangling inside his vehicle.

The driver continued for several miles before Houston Precinct 8 deputy constables noticed the broken windshield of the moving vehicle and pulled the car over. The driver pulled over on Beamer street near Kirkvally, at which point the police discovered the dangling body. The victim was dead and the driver was immediately placed under arrest. Neither the driver, nor the victim’s name have been released. It is also unknown at this time whether alcohol was involved in the driver’s impaired driving and judgment. All southbound lanes of the Gulf Freeway were shut down for several hours while police and other authorities investigated the incident, but the lanes were open by the time morning rush hour traffic began.

Such a horrific accident sounds like something you would see in a movie- something that couldn’t possibly happen in real life or polite society. It seems clear that the driver panicked when the accident occurred, and didn’t know how to respond, and just reacted to the situation, most likely propelled by adrenaline.

It is understandable to be scared and not know what to do in the case of an accident, but that is no excuse for what happened in this instance. If you do cause a motor vehicle accident, and in the process hurt or injure someone, always contact the police. Authorities will know how to handle the situation, and even if you were at fault, and did something wrong, it will be much better for you and your pending case in the long run if you do not attempt to flee.

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