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Grain hauling involves the transportation of grain harvests from a farm to an elevator or storage bin. This is an important job in the agricultural industry, and so you’ll see these big trucks on highways throughout Texas frequently.

Grain loads can be heavy, and securing them properly is important to ensure car drivers and other road users are safe. However, not every driver and commercial truck company is responsible, leading to a high risk of grain hauler truck crashes.

In this post, we’re going to explore grain hauling laws and how you can make a claim if an accident involving a grain hauling truck affects you. 

Grain Hauling: The Rules 

As with any type of road travel, certain vehicle and driver rules must be adhered to. With heavy vehicles especially, there’s an extra need to be safe on the roads.

Valid Licenses

As stated by a good West Houston 18-wheeler accident attorney, all drivers have to have a license of some sort to drive on the roads. Grain haul truck drivers must have a commercial truck driving license, a CDL, or a valid endorsement on their license, which qualifies them to haul grain. 

Driver Requirements 

Grain trucks can carry huge loads of farm produce between transportation points. Drivers need to be physically fit to manage such vehicles’ steering and maneuver them into various positions. 

Heavy Loads 

An 18-wheeler can weigh a vast amount when fully loaded. If big truck drivers fail to secure their loads properly, particularly for a big rig, a truck crash is more probable, and they are responsible.

Vehicle Inspections 

As with any commercial vehicle, grain haul drivers should check their trucks before travel. Any problems with tires, lights, window screens, and brakes could lead to a big truck accident. 

Many accidents happen because the driver or company fails to check their vehicles, replace faulty parts, and file valid inspection reports

Truck Accidents: Legal Measures 

Grain hauler accidents, like any truck wreck, aren’t always the driver or company’s fault. However, if a company has failed to run vehicle checks, they will be in trouble. 


If you are involved in a grain hauler accident and suffer personal injuries, you may be eligible for legal compensation. 

Truck drivers who fail to fill in inspection reports and maintain their vehicles properly are at risk of causing an accident. If this does happen, and they are to blame, you can take legal action


A personal injury lawyer can help you to determine whether you are entitled to make a claim against the big rig, and if so, how to kickstart the legal process. Sometimes people lose a loved one due to these types of wrecks, in this case, you need a death attorney in West Houston to fight for your claim.

Truck companies will hire their own lawyers to defend their case. You’ll need to have your own attorney present to ensure your claim is dealt with appropriately. 

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