Driver Responsible for Hit-and-Run Crash that Killed Law Student Turns Himself In To HPD

Houston auto accident attorneys know that suspects who try to free from police and escape punishment are rarely successful. The police are usually able to track down the people who commit crimes and try to flee through their investigative skills. But sometimes, the criminals also come to them.

A fatal hit-and-run accident occurred in Southeast Houston on Tuesday night. And according to the Houston police department, the man who fled from the scene of the crime, 17 year old Garcia Palcios tuned himself in to police.

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Palacios was sitting in a Buick LeSabre with a friend of his in the 3900 block of Hamilton, when police approached the car and gave the men a verbal order to exit the vehicle. The passenger did indeed exit the car and was taken into police custody, but the driver, who has turned out to be Palacios, fled the scene of the crime.

In his attempt to escape, Palacios ran a red light at the intersection of Dowling and Cleburne and collided with a Nissan Altima. The impact of the crash killed Texas State University Law School student Catherine Shaw. After this crash, Palacios once again fled the scene of the crime, this time on foot—escaping from his smashed vehicle to once again elude police.

Palacios initially ran from the police because he had been smoking marijuana in the car and didn’t want to get caught. Now the charges filed against him will be far greater than just smoking marijuana. Palacios’ family finally convinced him to turn himself in, which he did this morning. As of today, no formal charges have been officially filed, but according to the HPD, Palacios may be charged with failure to stop and render aid. This seems like a minimal price to pay for being the cause of a fatal accident, but time will tell if either police or Shaw’s family decide to seek further charges.

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