Do 18-Wheelers Have a Black Box?

A black box is a device that can be used to document information about a vehicle’s movements over a period of time. They are often used to track data, such as speed, time of travel, and length of a trip. 

With new federal regulations in place, all commercial vehicles are required to have a black box in place. These devices serve as evidence of a negligent driver if there is a truck accident. If you’ve been in a big rig accident, these devices could make a huge difference in your case.

Here’s what you need to know about black boxes and how they can be used as evidence for your commercial truck accident case in Texas. 

The Purpose of Black Boxes 

A black box is also known as an ELD (Electronic Logging Device). They are connected to the engines of commercial vehicles to track data on the following driving history:

Timings, Speed, and Safety

A black box can monitor exactly when the truck was in operation, tracking when the vehicle starts and stops. It is therefore also able to monitor departure and arrival times. 

Speed data can also be monitored. ELD’s can track maximum and minimum speeds, monitor cruise control settings, and even brake action. 

An ELD can also determine tire pressure and whether the driver’s seat belt was in use at the time of the crash. 

Driver Fatigue  

All drivers are at risk of tired driving. If a big truck accident does occur, black box data can be vital for determining whether the driver fell asleep. 

Drivers who stay on the road for long hours are at more risk of dozing off and losing control while driving. An ELD can monitor how long a driver has been on the road and work out whether they fell asleep at the time of the accident. 

Legal Action 

If you were involved in a commercial truck crash and suffer injuries, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer immediately. Furthermore, if you lost a loved one in a truck accident, call some of the best wrongful death lawyers in West Houston for guidance.

An attorney can request the black box data from the truck company involved in the accident to determine if any of the above factors caused your accident, such as driver fatigue and reckless driving.

With a black box in place, everything a truck driver does when maneuvering their vehicle is being recorded. This information can be used to determine whether the truck driver is responsible if you are involved in an accident.

The data contained in private black boxes are protected under certain property rights. Police are unable to attain data without a warrant. Lawyers may also only access information with direct permission from the black box owner or fulfill several other legal conditions. Don’t hesitate to contact a good semi-truck accident lawyer in West Houston today for more information.

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