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Most Common Reasons for Fatal Road Accidents

More than 4500 people died in truck wrecks in 2018. In 2017, there were 621 fatal truck accidents in Texas alone. There are endless reasons you could be involved in a truck accident in Texas, but a distracted driver is one of the most commons causes. 

Today, there are more road distractions than ever, all of which could lead to a fatal truck crash. If you’ve been involved in a truck crash and you need compensation as a victim, here’s what you need to know about distracted driver truck accident law. 

Cell Phone Use

The cell phone is one of the biggest distractions, and any big rig driver who looks at their phone — let alone texts, makes a call, or sends an email — is seriously risking the lives of other drivers. The few seconds you are looking at your phone — and then keep returning to it to finish that text — is a very long time on the road. It’s enough time for cars to start pulling into your lane or for you to veer out of your lane without even noticing. 

This is why cell-phone use at the wheel is heavily penalized by many states around the U.S., including fines and jail time, depending on the offense’s seriousness. Using a phone while driving is also likely to lead to lawsuits. The last thing you want is somebody using a phone at the wheel of a commercial truck.

Because this crime is taken very seriously in Texas, many drivers will deny using a cell phone while driving. If you’re a big truck accident victim, you could be left to pay for your medical bills. 

If you believe the truck driver that caused your accident was using a cell phone while driving, you must seek legal counsel, a vehicle injury law firm in West Houston Texas, and get the compensation you deserve. 

Other Negligence At The Wheel

Negligence at the wheel can take many forms, even sometimes wrongful death can take place, if that’s been your case with a family member, you need to contact a West Houston accidental death lawyer. It is commonly thought of as cell phone use, but here are a few other ways an 18-wheeler driver can be negligent: 

  • Driver fatigue
  • Loud music
  • Overloading the truck
  • Not taking sufficient safety precautions, such as signaling

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You can make a claim for compensation from the driver or company that is to blame based on any of the claims above, but you may have to issue a lawsuit if you can’t agree to a settlement. 

In each of the examples noted above, the plaintiffs have successfully proven the driver’s negligent behavior. However, the plaintiff’s settlement may be shared if they were negligent during the accident. 

Joseph Stevens, a top-rated West Houston commercial truck collision lawyer is an experienced truck accident lawyers in West Houston. The Stevens Law Firm team can fight for your right to full compensation after a truck driver’s negligence. 

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