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A dry van is a rectangular trailer that holds merchandise, food, and other products that do not need refrigeration. The cargo is usually unloaded through the back, which requires elevated access for forklifts to enter the trailer. It remains a popular type of transport today because of its wide availability to businesses. 

Dry van shipping is the term used for compartments that haul shipments. The dry van part of it is big rigs that carry cargo and drive on the highway every day. As one of the most popular types of freight transportation, dry van shipping is also designed to haul pallets or other pieces of bulky equipment. Since there are no climate alterations or thermostats available in the dry van, refrigerated goods should never be transported in this. However, consumer goods like packaged food, machinery, and clothing are suitable for this mode of transportation. As a bonus, this shipping method allows big rigs to carry a large amount of freight at once. 

Dry van trucking is most often used for its convenience. Since an 18-wheeler is big and versatile, it can protect items from bad weather, damage, and even theft. Also, commercial trucks used for dry van shipping are equipped for both LTL shipments and full-truckload shipments. LTL shipments benefit from lower prices because of freight consolidation, while full-truckload ones can be scheduled with custom delivery and pick-up preferences. 

While there are a few disadvantages to every type of transportation, dry van shipping’s list is short. There is no temperature control, climate changes, or even insulation available in commercial trucks. This makes it unfit for many types of perishable goods. Also, the hardwood floors in many 18-wheelers can be susceptible to condensation and moisture buildup. Due to this, extra replacement or repair costs may be required. No matter what product you need to ship, as long as it does not need to stay cold, it can be transported using dry van shipping. 

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Don’t hesitate to call an 18-wheeler injury lawyer. Truck wrecks can be the tragic result of negligent drivers on the road. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, we understand how difficult it can be. In most cases, victims of car accidents need to hire a lawyer to receive the compensation for pain, suffering, and medical expenses that they deserve. However, it can be hard to take on the trucking businesses and their insurance companies. That’s why seasoned lawyers from the Stephens Law Firm like Joe Stephens, one of the best automobile wreck lawyer in West Houston, can provide the solutions you’re searching for. 

Whenever a case requires the experience of an experienced truck crash lawyer, Joe Stephens should be the first person you call. If you lost a family member in a truck crash, call some of the best West Houston accidental death attorneys. Cases involving big trucks can be very complex, and this truck crash attorney knows everything in the field. The Stephens Law Firm can prove negligence between the driver and the truck company to get the results you deserve. Call Joe Stephens to get the top commercial truck accident lawyer on your case today! 

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