Chain-Reaction Car Wreck Involving 2 Busses Leaves 1 Injured

A great Houston automobile crash attorney knows that the larger the vehicles are, and the more passengers they carry, the greater the possibility for damage and injury should an accident occur. Buses, because of their larger size and people-carrying capacity often leave a wake of peril if they are involved in an accident.

Early this morning, there was a c chain-reaction accident involving two buses, which thankfully only led to one injury.

According to the Houston police department an HISD school bus full of students was heading to southeast Houston Lamar High School at about 8 a.m. The school bus was driving towards Scott Street when it accidentally swiped a passenger car.

Apparently the school bus driver underestimated the scope of the turn he was trying to make, or simply did not see the car that was on Scott street. The impact of the hit from the school bus sent the passenger car into a Houston Metro bus, colliding with it.

The driver of the car was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries, and nobody in either the school bus or the Metro bus was hurt.

Despite the fact that accidents are always an unfortunate part of life, Houston car accident lawyers consider this quite a lucky escape. Usually when buses or other large vehicles are involved in an accident, the scope of injury is much greater. Particularly with vehicles carrying many passengers as busses do, damage, injury and often fatalities are a foregone conclusion. It was fortunate the HISD school bus wasn’t going terribly fast, and only clipped the side of the passenger car, otherwise the damage had the capacity to be much greater.

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