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Animal on the Road Wreck

With around 13,000 cattle, Texas has the highest amount of animals in the United States. While most Texans are very proud of their cattle farming heritage, needing to transport all this livestock can lead to a cattle truck crash occurring, with devastating consequences for you and your vehicle, if you’re involved. 

If you have been involved in a cattle truck accident, it’s a good idea to contact a reliable lawyer who can advise you on how to cope with difficult aspects, such as compensation and insurance. We’ve compiled a guide of the most common reasons for a cattle truck wreck and the ways that a lawyer can help if you or your loved one has been hit by a commercial truck.

Why Cattle Truck Accidents Happen

There are many reasons for cattle truck accidents, and most of them are classified as driver errors. If you’re a driver who has been hit by a big rig, it’s usually the other party’s fault, so you need a lawyer to make sure that you’re not unfairly penalized.

Although 80% of these accidents involve a single vehicle, many other drivers in Texas find themselves involved in a crash with an 18-wheeler or cattle truck. This can happen for many reasons as cattle trailers are notoriously difficult to control at times, particularly if the heavy cattle move around, tipping the truck onto its side or causing it to swerve into a different lane.

If you’ve been hit by a big rig cattle truck, you deserve help and advice — a top-rated 18-wheeler injury law firm in West Houston will provide this.

How a Lawyer Can Help You After A Big Truck Wreck

A lawyer will help you with two major parts of cattle truck accidents: insurance and compensation.


Insurance companies can be notoriously hard to deal with, but hiring an attorney will be a great help if you have been involved in a big truck accident. They can help you understand how much money you should be receiving from your medical or vehicle insurance and make sure that you get it. This can help take the financial burden off you and recover and rebuild without financial stress.


If your cattle truck crash was the fault of another party, an attorney can help you understand how much compensation you should be receiving and how to claim it. If necessary, they can argue your case in court. 

If someone is trying to sue you because of your accident involving a commercial truck crash, one of the best automobile crash attorneys in West Houston can help come up with a case for you and make sure that you’re not paying for something that wasn’t your fault.

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Now that you know all about the help a lawyer will give you after a cattle truck crash, the only thing that’s left to do is pick up your phone and feel the weight lift off of your shoulders. If you lost a family member due to a Truck Crash, don’t hesitate to contact a negligent death lawyer in West Houston. We’ll help you to rebuild your life and finances with reliable legal advice and a personal understanding of what it’s like to operate a big rig. Just contact us today to see your life improve.

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