Car Slams into Disabled Vehicle on Houston North Freeway

A top rated car collision attorney in Houston Texas knows that a stalled or disabled vehicle can often pose a hazard to drivers on a fast moving freeway. Vehicles on a freeway travel an average of 55 M.P.H. – the roads are built to handle these speeds, but it can be difficult to spot unexpected things in the road. Particularly in the dark, visibility is much lower at these high speeds, making it vital for nighttime drivers to be even more cautious.

Early Friday morning on Houston’s North Freeway, two people were injured after slamming into the back of a disabled truck. According to the HPD, a black utility truck was stalled on the inbound shoulder of the freeway at the West Mount Houston exit.

A car carrying the driver and one passenger entered the freeway from the West Road entrance ramp. They failed to see the disabled truck that was pulled to the side of the freeway, and slammed into the back of it. Both the driver and the passenger were trapped inside the vehicle until Houston firefighters arrived to free them. They were both taken to a nearby hospital and were quite lucky—they suffered only a few broken bones. The two male occupants of the disabled utility truck were unharmed.

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