Bulk Hopper Truck Accident Lawyer in West Houston

Have you been involved in a truck accident with a bulk hopper trailer recently? Were you injured and want to inquire about legal services available to you? 

Getting in a wreck with a big truck is no easy matter — it’s dangerous and can be a terrifying experience. Bulk hopper trailers pulled by big trucks cause problems on the road more than you might think. 

If you were involved in a truck crash with a bulk hopper trailer, here’s what you need to know about these accidents so that you can build a strong case for a settlement hearing. 

What are Bulk Trailers Used for? 

According to a commercial truck collision law firm in West Houston, bulk hopper trailers haul products for agricultural purposes, typically pulled by an 18-wheeler. 

You will most likely see these trailers with a tarp rolled on the back to provide protection. The hoppers are found at the rear and the front of the trailer, loading and unloading products. This comes in handy for unloading harvest grains into carts and then loading these into a grain hopper trailer to transport to silos.  

It takes strong trucks to transport these trailers. Trucks like 18-wheelers are powerful forces on the road that usually run on diesel engines. These trucks are typically what you might see hauling a bulk hopper trailer. If mismanaged or under-inspected, they can cause a devastating accident. Trucks of this size are much larger than average vehicles and the potential to take other passengers’ lives in smaller cars. 

Why Do Bulk Trailer Wrecks Happen?

These big rigs all have drivers, but they are not the only ones that can cause an accident. Workers load them, mechanics provide maintenance, and someone inspects them before they leave the loading area. Many things can cause a truck wreck, whether it be the driver’s fault, a badly loaded tractor-trailer, or a mechanical malfunction

Many times, a truck crash occurs because of an inadequate loading job. A bulk hopper trailer must be attached, loaded, and maintained throughout transportation to ensure that delivery is safe and smooth. 

Unfortunately, bulk hopper truck accidents happen every year, regardless of whether inspectors are checking the big rigs. The commercial truck company might deny all responsibility. You’re going to need to build a case against the commercial trucking company if you want compensation.

Is the driver to blame for your big truck wreck? Was the trailer loaded properly, and were all the necessary precautions taken to ensure a safe trip? These are the kinds of questions that an experienced West Houston vehicle collision attorney asks when faced with a truck crash case. 

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If you were a general driver on the road and injured in a truck wreck with a bulk trailer, you need the right attorney standing with you. Attorney Joe Stephens is ready to take your case. The Stephens Law Firm will fight for compensation if you were injured.  

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