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West Houston Accident Could Be a Case of Negligence Due to Poor Truck Maintenance

Being involved in any vehicle accident is scary, but it’s doubly frightening when it is a truck accident caused by brake failure. Brakes can fail for all kinds of reasons, which is particularly dangerous for a big truck. 

At The Stephens Law Firm, Joe has years of experience handling these kinds of cases, and he is one of the best West Houston truck injury lawyers. So, if you’ve been in an accident with a big rig or a commercial truck, you are in safe hands. 

Big Rig Brakes

A standard car’s brakes rely on fluid flowing through the hydraulic system. In contrast, trucks use a system that relies on compressed air. 

One downside is that there is an increased braking lag. Air takes longer to force the linings to contact the drum. When the driver presses the brake pedal, it can take up to a second longer than hydraulics to engage and slow down the rig. The lag is between 20 and 40% longer than cars. This gap is something to which 18-wheeler drivers must adapt. 

Brake Failure in a Truck Crash

The most common brake failure instances in a truck accident usually involve an issue called ‘brake fade.’

Brake fade occurs when the linings and brake drums overheat because of overuse. It is particularly serious in a big truck, given the heavy loads and force that brakes have to handle. Drivers and truck companies must monitor this regularly, as heavy loads can quickly wear down the linings and brake drums. 

However, sometimes truck drivers will blame the incident on brake fade when it isn’t the case. They do this to avoid liability for themselves and the companies they represent. In doing so, they also are looking to avoid ways of settling with victims of the collision. 

Defective Brakes

You could find yourself in a truck wreck owing to an 18-wheeler’s defective brakes. The company must ensure they are of a certain standard and must meet a minimum performance quality. Whether this failure falls on the trucking company, the manufacturer itself, or the driver’s negligence, you deserve answers and justice.


It is up to fleet companies to monitor the condition of their brakes in general. In truck accidents, we often find insufficient maintenance plays a significant role, but it is a reasonably basic duty for companies. 

Trucks don’t just bear hefty loads, but they often drive long distances. So, even if they aren’t experiencing brake fade, many other issues may build up over time. These include misaligned and poorly adjusted brakes or incorrect air pressure. 

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West Houston Truck Brake Failure Accident Attorney

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If you lost a loved one from any of these truck failures that have caused a crash, contact a death lawyer in West Houston because the victim has the right to seek compensation and justice. Fortunately, you have a top-rated West Houston car crash attorney that you can trust for your case.

At The Stephens Law Firm, we have experience handling these kinds of claims. We also understand that you want a fair day and your due settlement. Call an experienced truck accident lawyers in West Houston today, so we can start working on your claim as on as possible.

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