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Bad Climate Truck Crash

Hazardous weather conditions can transform a simple and straightforward journey into one of high risk. It doesn’t matter the driver’s skill level. The Federal Highway Administration reports nearly six million accidents per year. A staggering 21 percent are the result of adverse weather conditions. When these incidents involve a commercial truck, the results can be disastrous. 

Even though there are many ways for drivers to avoid disaster in such situations, sometimes collisions can happen regardless of any preventative measures.

Commercial big truck drivers are more likely to lose control due to bad weather than any other type of driver. Besides road conditions, the weight and size of the big rig and the payload make a commercial truck harder to maneuver. The sheer difference in impact between being involved in a collision with a regular-sized car and a big truck is something that should make all drivers on the road wary. 

Leading Causes of Commercial Truck Bad Weather Accidents

Adverse weather can compromise control of a high-sided, heavy vehicle. Weather conditions, such as icy roads, strong winds, and heavy fog, can make an already difficult job much more challenging

In a bad weather truck crash, the trucker may be partially or entirely at fault. Some drivers ignore the hazards because they are under pressure to perform at maximum efficiency and reach their terminus in as little time as possible. But no matter the job or weather, the driver should be responsible for driving safely.

In large truck collisions, speeding was one of the leading causes. Speeding in hazardous road conditions can increase the risk of collision, injury, and fatality. Speeding combined with icy roads, low visibility, and other factors, large vehicle speeding puts many lives at risk. 

According to one of the best West Houston commercial truck injury law firm, other causal factors of big rig collisions included driver decision errors and driver fatigue. 

Determining Liability

In some situations, truck drivers will try to blame an accident on bad weather. In doing so, they try to sidestep liability for themselves and the fleet companies. But if speeding, fatigue, negligence, or poor judgment were to blame, it is necessary that take responsibility. 

Some employers might also be liable in bad weather commercial truck collisions. Employers usually choose the route. If the employer does not explore the risk factors of bad weather, it can easily lead to an accident. 

An experienced truck accident attorney can help you to assess the situation to determine who is at fault. You shouldn’t have to fight the trucking company legal teams and insurance agents alone—hire a car injury lawyer in West Houston who puts your interests first. 

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