Are Depositions Required For All Car Accident Cases in Texas?

The aftermath of a car accident is stressful, and the prospect of having to attend a deposition only compounds that worry. But are depositions really required? 

If you’re asking yourself, “will I be required to go to a deposition for my car accident?” you can find out when these are necessary and how to prepare yourself using our guide below.

Will I Be Required To Go To A Deposition For My West Houston Car Accident?

A deposition is where you are called on to provide sworn evidence in a legal case. These proceedings play an important role in the outcome of a case, but will you be required to go? 

After a car wreck, there are usually two possible outcomes:

  1. An acceptable settlement can be reached with the other party’s insurance company out of court. In this case, no deposition is required as there is no legal case.
  2. The other party or their insurer refuses to pay an acceptable sum or disputes the nature of the claim.

If the other party or their insurer disputes what happened during the incident, they may open legal proceedings against you. Equally, you may take legal action against the other party and their insurer if you have good reason to believe you’re being offered unfair compensation.

In either case, you will likely be required to attend a deposition and give evidence to support your case. Also, in either case, this is much easier and more likely to be successful with a qualified auto accident attorney in your corner.

What to Expect at a Car Accident Deposition

If you are called on to give evidence, you will be cross-examined by the other party’s attorney. They will want to know details concerning the accident as well as questions such as:

  • What injuries you’ve suffered and what treatment has been required
  • Your state of mind on the day of the crash (including whether you were intoxicated)
  • Whether you have returned to work since
  • What your previous driving record looks like

There will be many questions, which can be stressful and upsetting. You were present at the accident and know what happened, but it can be galling to have someone question your perspective.

It’s important to have a specialist auto accident attorney to help you prepare, answer questions effectively, and minimize this stress.

How Can an Attorney Help Me in a Deposition?

An auto accident attorney can help you by:

  • Preparing you for the kind of questions you’re asked
  • Challenging poor phrasing and impertinent questions
  • Clarifying your statements by rephrasing questions in a more helpful way
  • Advising you how to avoid falling for leading questions
  • Effectively cross-examining the other party in a deposition
  • Helping you prepare by seeing the case through a judge’s impartial eyes

You must always be truthful at a deposition. Your auto accident attorney can help you present your statements effectively and in a way that leaves no margin for confusion. This is the best route to a positive outcome.

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